Although VP applications have closed, keep a lookout for director positions in the future.

Each position below will help enhance and develop professional and leadership skills in a business environment and provide valuable experiences that will positively impact your professional career. 

Our Executive Board consists of student-professionals with the desire to be part of something big. We all share ambitions to succeed, a positive mind-set, and responsibility for our work and actions. Candidates must be prepared to attend all board meetings and help ensure that we remain a positive, open-minded, and ambitious group of student-professionals. 


President will be to reside at all organization meetings and hold the position as a final decision-maker from the board. President will represent AMA in the best light both on- and off-campus and set the direction for the club. President is also responsible for motivating board members and maintaining progress.


VP of Internal Communications

VP of Internal Communications will oversee the departments of Finance, Advertising and Promotions, Multimedia Productions, Memberships, and Programs. This is focusing on the activities and work that is mostly done within our chapter and CSUN, such as content and social media, as well as member experiences.


VP of External Communications

VP of External Communications will oversee the departments of Communications, Careers and Placement, Outreach, and Sponsorships, and Programs. This is focusing on activities and communications that happen outside of the club and CSUN, such as outreach to professionals, businesses, and other outside organizations.


Ads & Promo
Advertising and Promotions is responsible for the promotional design and promotion of our events. This includes creating and posting flyers, handling our social media accounts, creating promotional strategies for events and club/brand awareness on
social media and on campus.
Communications is responsible for maintaining the AMA website, utilizing MailChimp for newsletters, and note-taking during board meetings. This is important as the website provides our member-only content and newsletters are the main form of our communication.
Multimedia Productions
Multimedia Productions is responsible for photography and videography content of all meetings and events as promotional material. This department creates and develops videos for AMA’s social media platforms, website and other media outlets.
Finance is responsible for all money handling and financial record-keeping. This includes managing CSUN AMA’s account, creating/reporting budgets, collecting receipts and payments, and working with AS to complete transactions.
Programs is responsible for event planning and logistics. This includes logistic planning for Marketing Mash-Up, social events, volunteer service, and our
other events throughout the year.
Sponsorships is responsible for obtaining Corporate Sponsors and Food Sponsors for member meetings. This includes using our sponsorship packet and outreaching to businesses that we can partner and
work with.
Careers & Placement

Careers and Placements is responsible for professional outreach and internship/job seeking. This includes finding future guest speakers, firm tours, and recruitment activities, as well as building relationships with different companies.

Memberships is responsible for member recruitment, retention, and research. This department is responsible for tracking membership growth, following up with AMA National, tabling and greeting attendees at the door during events, and managing collegiate membership fees.
Outreach is responsible for maintaining our relationship with AMA LA as well as our AMA Alumni. AMA LA hosts many networking and social events that benefit our members and keeping up with our AMA alumni builds relationships and connections for the club.