Marketing Week: Women in Entertainment Panel

CSUN AMA will be pairing with the Alliance for Women in Entertainment Club to host this event! Attendees will be able to hear directly from panelists, and the floor will be opened up for a Q&A session. Register Here.

Marketing Week: Meditation Session

Attendees will be led through a calming meditation session with our instructor, Raychel. Great for de-stressing! Register Here.

Marketing Week: Sales Development Workshop

E&J Gallo Winery Representative Alix will be speaking on sales as a whole and giving attendees advice on how to sell yourself in the digital age! Register Here.

Marketing Week: Self Starter Presentations

A few of our very own AMA Board Members will be speaking on their experiences as entrepreneurs and business owners! Don't miss the Q&A session at the end! Register Here.

Western Regional Conference Day Two

The second day of the Western Regional Conference will feature: workshops, competitions, a mixer, and an awards ceremony! Register Here.

Member Meeting #6

Join CSUN AMA for our Alumni Panel! Register here.